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Book Trailer: Letters From David by Eve Paludan

Welcome to EvePaludan.com, the web site of the author of the popular 1990s' nonfiction book, The Romance Writer's Pink Pages, and the 2008 romance e-novel, Letters from David.

I know that I have been gone a long time, but I'm really back now. I'm so glad to be writing books again. Writing and editing are my passions. I also love to read!

I hope you'll enjoy my site and will visit here often. New content will be posted frequently, especially articles for writers, editors, and indie publishers. I am also seeking reviewers for Letters from David.

I have a Kindle Reader and am excited about developing for that platform, as well as e-books in .pdf format. While I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint --   electronic media is my preference -- if a print publisher came along and loved my book...well, let's talk about it!

I am a precise editor, a decent photographer, a melodramatic poet, an inept watercolorist, a great cook, and, a middle-aged, previously successful book author on a serious comeback trail. Please join my midlife crisis and help me make it into sizzling blogosphere spin, as my inner angst and secret passions unfold into the heroines and heroes who live vicariously through my words.

With love to old friends and welcome to new ones,
Eve Paludan


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Here it is! The debut novel of Eve Paludan, author of the popular nonfiction book, The Romance Writer's Pink Pages:

In the tradition of novels driven by letters...

A Midwestern woman faces devastating changes in midlife, loses her home and the love of her life, moves cross country to the ocean, finds a lover, and discovers the truths of life and love within the pages of letters.

"Claire Mead didn’t have her husband anymore, her children lived abroad, her income was shrinking and she hadn’t shaved her legs all winter. She hadn’t laughed, truly laughed, for months. She was going broke and still cried much too easily since David died, but suddenly, she realized she had something she had never once had before in her life -- her freedom."


Says ApexReviews.net - A powerful testament to the resilience of the Human Spirit:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Powerful Testament To The Resilience Of The Human Spirit
Review by Tracy Moore at
(Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4.5 Stars)

When she suddenly loses her husband and her home, Claire is forced to engage in some considerable introspection regarding her current life path. With her son serving in Afghanistan and her daughter practicing art in Paris, she realizes that there is nothing stopping her from embracing her newfound freedom and starting her life anew, so that's exactly what she does. After moving cross country to the east coast, she begins a new chapter of her ever-evolving life story - one, she will ultimately learn, that has quite the surprise ending...

Ironically, the more that Claire attempts to craft her new life, the more details she learns about her old one, placing her in the unenviable position of having to reconcile the dichotomous parts of herself that yearn with equal passion for both closure and a fresh start. Ultimately, Claire discovers the true value inherent in allowing destiny to play itself out, as opposed to feeling entrapped by it, and she bears pleasant witness as her life begins to open up in ways she could never have imagined...

Letters From David is a surprisingly moving offering from author Eve Paludan that speaks directly to the heart of the reader. With potent sensibility and palpable emotion, Letters presents the all-too-real story of a troubled spirit both hurt and healed by the unpredictability of life, as well as just how much stronger our resilience can be vis-à-vis the omnipresent forces that threaten to destroy us. In Claire, Paludan has crafted a genuine, emotionally accessible character to which readers of all backgrounds and experiences will surely relate - not just for the ups and downs of her life's journey, but also for the strength and conviction that she displays in the face of them. Everyone has suffered through some form of emotional struggle, and Claire's spiritual metamorphosis serves as the perfect personification of that struggle, at the same time lending the reassurance that all struggles are eventually overcome by nothing more than the simple - yet powerful - desire to conquer them.

A thoroughly entertaining read by a gifted new literary talent, Letters From David will inspire, amuse, and enliven all at the same time. A truly welcome addition to the world of quality literature.

Tracy Moore
Apex Reviews

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Says Shannon Yarbrough, author of the bestselling Amazon.com Kindle title, Stealing Wishes:

"Letters from David turned out to be a "whirlwind" of a story that I totally was not expecting. At first, based on the author's previous work, I predicted a much heavier romance and cliche collection of predictable love letters. Not so! The story continues to build with David, the son, writing to his half sister in Paris. Although their story is told completely in letters, reading it as if you were a person in another room over hearing a conversation is quite intriguing. Paludan has written a magnificent tale of love and loss which anyone can enjoy.So, grab a box of tissues and your high school yearbooks, because this book will take you down a path off memory lane where you never expected to go!"