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IN A NUTSHELL: Eve Paludan was twice a #1 Writer's Digest Book Club national bestselling author of The Romance Writer's Pink Pages, a three-book series from Prima. Paludan is also an editor of scholarly work at a state university, as well as a freelance fiction editor, e-publisher at NoTreeBooks.com, and a book reviewer. She is also the author of the novel, Letters from David and the novel manuscript, The Man Who Fell from the Sky, which is currently under serious consideration by a large print publisher and a top literary agent.

LONGER: Eve Paludan is an editor of scholarly works by day and a novelist by night, occasionally doing freelance fiction editing on weekends. She is currently attending Arizona State University (online) and is working on earning a Web Developer Certificate from Northern Arizona University. She is also writing another romance novel.

Eve has been married for 2.3 decades to a software developer/publisher, Ron Paludan, who is also a 3D (Poser and Google Sketch-Up) artist, as well as a webmaster of commercial sites and an Android phone applications developer.

They have two grown children and a very nice son-in-law who knows everything about Jeep Cherokees and four-wheeling. Their daughter is a dedicated elder care companion;  their son is a licensed massage therapist and runs the dairy department of a large grocery store. The Paludans have one granddaughter and one grandson!  They also have two grandpuppies, both Boston terriers.

When Eve and Ron aren't on their computers, they are hiking in the mountains of northern Arizona with their digital cameras or visiting family. Eve relaxes by reading (especially on the Kindle Reader!), collecting rare and scarce art books, baking cookies, or painting with watercolors.

Published Works


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Letters from David by Eve Paludan (2008)

Claire Mead didn't have her husband anymore, her children lived abroad, her income was shrinking and she hadn't shaved her legs all winter. She hadn't laughed, truly laughed, for months. She was going broke and still cried much too easily since David, a.k.a. "The Saint," had died, but suddenly, she realized she had something she had never once had before in her life -- her freedom.

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The Romance Writer's Pink Pages (1994), Prima Publishing, ISBN 1559583495

The Romance Writer's Pink Pages (1995), Prima Publishing, ISBN 1559585811

The Romance Writer's Pink Pages (1996), Prima Publishing, ISBN 0761501681


Letters from David by Eve Paludan (author)

1942 Quiz Book on Railroads and Railroading (as editor/publisher)

How I Sold a Million Copies of My Software by Herbert Kraft (as editor/publisher)

Eve's Diary by Mark Twain (electronic preservation, book design in Adobe Acrobat Pro)

Author of e-book on heraldry for Family Tree Maker software

Author of e-book on phonics for Phonics4Kids software


North American Railroad Map (web marketing and e-commerce implementation)

2,000 Borders, Backgrounds, and Ornaments (author, publisher, product design)

Official Guide of the Railways, August 1936 (electronic preservation, product design)

1,000 Fine Art Buttons (original art marketed as a website on CD)

1919 Corsets and More
Vintage Christmas Postcards
Vintage Valentine Postcards
1908 High School Days
The Dore Bible Gallery
SOFTWARE EDITOR 2,000 Borders and Backgrounds (archival preservation, glossary, research, all content)
6,000 Sound Effects (sound mixer and editor, research, data entry)
3-D World Atlas (content editing for an "Everyone" rating, also data entry, research)
Children's Bible Storybook (content editing for an "Everyone" rating, research, lessons)
Family Tree Maker (content writing and editing for genealogy software suite)
Phonics4Kids (quiz creation, age-appropriate phonics lessons, research)
Talking Typing Tutor (creation of typing lessons, content, and G-rated activities)
Yellowstone Park
Glacier National Park
Flower Photos
Western Pacific Railway
God Bless America (multi-author CD)
WEBSITE DESIGNER Railroadmap.com


Features on self-publishing for Writer's Digest Magazine 11/1994, 12/1994, 1/1995

Numerous articles for many writers' magazines


Dozens of uncredited business profiles for Payson Roundup

Short events pieces for Payson Roundup

Short event announcements for TV monitors in a big-box "mart" store

Column for Rim Review


A video script on ergonomics for Talking Typing Tutor software (produced by Cosmi)

A video script on phonics for Phonics4Kids software (produced by Cosmi)


Railroad Dynasty (collectible card game)
30 Amazing Games for Kids (software)

Runaway Train (software)

Killer Bees (also originated the game concept)


Outdoor photography sold through Shutterpoint.com

Magnificent Desolation (on CD)

POET Poems to Kumquat Meringue magazine and other literary publications

Web Page Creator software (created 10,000 original images as product add-on)

Digital art sold through Shutterpoint.com

Commercial Web Design Portfolio
RoyaltyFreeArt.com - Concept, web design, site content, product development, third-party e-commerce implementation, graphic design, and all site maintenance.

RailwayStation.com - Web design and re-designs, third-party e-commerce implementation, server-side includes implementation, custom Perl scripts, integration of profitable Amazon.com associate shopping, press releases, and ten years of site maintenance on more than a hundred pages.

RailroadMap.com - Web design, third-party e-commerce implementation, and three years of site maintenance.

3DCritter.com - Web design, third-party e-commerce implementation, and two years of site maintenance.

MicrosoftTrainSimulatorWorks - Web design, Perl script implementation, and eight years of site maintenance.
 ...and many more sites, most of which are now retired. In the world of the internet, the live commercial sites above have proven their longevity through profitability.
Unless otherwise credited, all content is 2008 © Eve Paludan
Thanks to 3DCritter.com for the 3D image of the Posable Book in the page header. 
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