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I would like to publicly thank Betty Webb, former Tribune investigative reporter and book review editor, for her extensive coverage of my book career in the 1990s. Most of the articles she wrote were syndicated and appeared in many Tribune newspapers across the U.S. This helped sales and my book career -- immensely. No one can be a success without the efforts and appreciation of others. A reporter who wanted to write fiction, Betty took it upon herself to frequently promote the authors of the Desert Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America, of which I was a member when I lived in the Phoenix metropolitan-ish area.

Betty Webb is now retired from the Tribune and is a successful mystery author; her novels are lauded by such lavish praise as, "If Betty Webb had gone undercover and written DESERT WIVES as a piece of investigative journalism, she'd probably be up for a Pulitzer... The factual details - supported by research cited in an afterward - are eye-popping."
-- New York Times